The Gollmann

Custom-made automation: anything but standard

The Gollmann principle

What makes us different

In addition to its custom design, a GOLLMANN automated dispensing system stands out primarily thanks to its unrivalled productivity per unit area. That means maximum storage capacity with a low store footprint. The main way a GOLLMANN achieves this is thanks to its patented rolling cabinet technology. This involves individual racks moving on runners so they can slide together and save space. Instead of having a fixed footprint for grippers, we allow them to go only where they’re actually needed.

Flexibility & Individuality

The modular design enables a GOLLMANN to offer a level of customisation that is unique in the industry and able to meet almost any requirement. High, low, wide, narrow, long or short. Stand-alone design, or integrated on two or three sides.
Ground floor, upper floor or basement installation. We have the right solution for every installation situation. Our workshop team help turn each robot design into reality. Every GOLLMANN is individually planned, designed and custom-made by hand.
With over 200 colours and patterns to choose from, we let you decide how your robot should look, thus making your GOLLMANN truly unique.

Uniquely efficient

A GOLLMANN really comes into its own, however, when we take a look inside: unrivalled productivity per unit area. Thanks to the patented rolling cabinet technology, a GOLLMANN stores up to 50% more products within the same floor space compared to other conventional robots. This means that you need approx. 30% less floor space for a GOLLMANN! A big space saving that you can certainly put to better use in other areas of the pharmacy.

Durable, reliable & future-proof

Unsure what the future will bring? No problem! With a GOLLMANN, you are opting for a future-proof long-term solution that will reliably support you in your everyday pharmacy work. Thanks to its modular design, a GOLLMANN can be expanded in many areas. For example, cabinets can be retrofitted to meet any future increase in capacity requirements. Many of our optional modules, such as fully automatic loading, can also be retrofitted without much effort. That’s reassuring to know. You are making a decision that will last you the next 20 years – at least. Because that is how long your GOLLMANN will support you.

Integrated on two sides with manual fast loading or fully automatic loading

Integrated on three sides with manual fast loading or fully automatic loading

Configure your own GOLLMANN

Colour plays an important role in our lives and has the ability to trigger feelings and emotions. The use of colour makes it possible for you to custom design your pharmacy and give it an individual character. Choose your favourites from a wide range of colours, numerous veneers and model options, and create a sense of well-being for your customers, your team and, of course, for yourself.

Configure now
The basic configuration

Manual fast loading

The front-side fast loading module with over 100 compartments allows for the uninterrupted storage of up to 350 packs/hour. The products are available for dispensing immediately after storage.

Data security with Touch PC

redundantly secured PC, latest operating system, latest GELON version, 90 minutes UPS backup.

Three back office outputs

Three standard back-office dispensing outputs support the work of your employees in the background.

Dispensing points in any position

Spiral chutes, conveyor belts, lifts, all part of the package and specially developed for the pharmacy environment.

additional modules
Fully automatic loading
Camera detection of expiry dates
Fast dispensing module
Double gripper
Digital shelf displays
Individual cabinet add-ons
Cooling module
Climate control unit
Conveyor technology
The RAPID module

The GOLLMANN for high-frequency operations, e.g. hospitals.

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