The workshop

Bespoke and hand-made

In our workshop, our team of experienced specialists manufacture every single component of a GOLLMANN by hand, and they do it with passion and precision. Multi-stage testing processes guarantee excellent workmanship.

Frame construction

The stable frame of each robot is built using modern lightweight aluminium profiles. This ensures that the point load is kept low, allowing us to install the robot in locations that have a limited ceiling/floor load capacity.

Cabinet construction

From the steel coil to the finished cabinet. At GOLLMANN, each storage rack is created in many individual steps and assembled by hand.

Control cabinet construction

Nothing works without them. The control cabinets are the “brain” of every GOLLMANN. Each component is wired by hand according to the individual requirements. Thanks to the most modern work processes, we never lose sight of the big picture. A final check at our test stations verifies perfect performance.

Gripper construction

The best gripping tool is the human hand – the second best is a gripper from GOLLMANN. Absolute precision is required here – from assembly to the final fine adjustment.

Portal construction

A GOLLMANN works hard: it rolls and rolls and rolls. Our technicians in the workshop take great care to ensure that this element runs smoothly for many years.

Wood processing

Our wood processing centre ensures that production of the external cladding of your GOLLMANN is made perfectly. Our experienced machine operators monitor every step of the process, ensuring the highest quality of workmanship. With over 200 colours and patterns to choose from, we let you decide how your GOLLMANN should look in the pharmacy – a choice that is unique in the industry!

Module construction

Over 90% of our customers opt for the fully automatic fast loading module. Our experienced specialists manufacture this popular customised add-on option and check the perfect functionality before delivery.