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The manual side loading module is placed anywhere on the side of the system.  Therefore niche solutions for spatially difficult locations are possible.

With the automated loading module the system is loaded in minutes. Tip in the packages - start the process - done. The system loads independently and even identifies the expiry dates if they are printed in a data matrix code. Your GO.compact can also be retrofitted with the automated loading module.

Using conveyor technology the requested package arrives safely to the chosen dispensing point. We work with you to find the optimal transport route. Upon request, all conveyors can be completely covered and even painted in your chosen color. It looks better and reduces transport noise.

The dispensing points are the visible parts of the system to your customers. We customize them to your liking in transparent plastic or painted metal. Also available as an automated double or triple dispensing point or on the side of the system.

For maximum performance the GO.compact can be fitted with a second gripper. This increases the performance in storing and dispensing. The double gripper can also be retrofitted in selective housing sizes

The GO.compact can also safely store and dispense products requiring refrigeration. The Temperature Logger is used to ensure that the regelation is not interrupted.


Your GO.compact with the basic features is already one of the best systems for your pharmacy. We offer many optional components that can make it even better.


Whether you choose for the factory options or rather for a retrofit while in service - this decision you make yourself. This allows the initial investment to be low.


Your GO.compact is a rationalization tool. Therefore, we have all the options ensure that it is not "nice-to-have" but a real added value. So your GO.compact delivers a good return faster.